Starring Randy Graff, Nick Cearley, Maddie Cornman, Eddie Cooper, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy, Eddie Capuano

This week's cast stars Tony-winning actress -- and amazing human -- Randy Graff (City of Angels, Broadway's original Fantine in Les Misérables), co-creator of The Skivvies and star innumerable productions of Buyer & Cellar, Nick Cearley (Little Shop of Horrors, Pageant), saucy siren of stage and screen Maddie Cornman (Next Fall, Some Kind of Wonderful), the effervescently fabulous Eddie Cooper (Encores! Assassins, Banshee on Cinemax), award-winning actress and brilliant force of nature Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy (Richard III, The Truth Quotient), and the unpredictable hijinks of Eddie Capuano (Big Gay Italian Wedding/Funeral, Bragging Rights).

You’ll laugh your (BODY PART)______ off! A Time Out NY Critics’ Pick written by Billy Mitchell, Villain: DeBlanks is the uproarious improvisational comedy where the cast says words you put in their mouths. The audience provides nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. (the wilder, the better), and the actors provide the laughs—uncensored and unrehearsed—as they enact the story of Philip DeBlanks’ untimely demise. It’s “Clue” meets adult “Mad Libs,” and it’s never the same show twice!

A portion of proceeds from each show will benefit the good folks at Lambda Legal.

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Green Room 42 is located on the 4th floor of Yotel Hotel, on 42nd St & 10th Ave. Full restaurant & bar available.
Tickets: $25. No food or beverage minimum.